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Why Choose Us – CastleCraft Productions
Why Choose Us

Quality. Service. Dedication

13 years in business and over 30 years of experience in commercial woodworking. CastleCraft Products mission is to design quality products for our clients at an affordable price. Our experienced staff utilizes value engineering and the latest CAD/CAM, 3-D renderings, with the latest software technologies in order to provide solutions to our clients needs.

Understanding our customer’s goals is our first priority; therefore, our project manager works closely with out clients to meet their deadlines. Our state of the art software and manufacturing capabilities allow for easy fixture/store scalability. Our modular engineering allows for quick and easy field installation. Our value engineering manages cost and our operational engineering will help improve operational functionality.

Precision, quality, and craftsmanship are three words that best describe our manufacturing qualities, which are reflected in everything we build

Our Delivery Process Saves You Money

We use a padded van moving service, ensuring all your products are delivered safe and on time

Our fixtures arrive ready to put in place. You don't have to uwrap and dispose of wasteful packing materials.

Your fixtures get delivered and installed faster, saving you time and money.


With a combined 40+ years experience

CastleCraft Products, Inc. has a great team of well-trained employees who have the experience, creativity and expertise to provide the best possible solutions for our customers. We have grown mostly by word of mouth and as a result, CastleCraft Products, Inc. has become the leader in the industry, making us one of the most competitive fixture companies our there today.


We utilize AutoCAD software in the design phase to create shop drawings and then produce accurate cutlists and machine code for our state-of-the-art machinery. The precision of our automated CAD/CAM driven saws and panel processing machines lead to the high level of quality and structural integrity of our products.


Panel saw, CNC machine, edgebander, sliding table saw, and numerous other up to date machinery to ensure precision, quality and accuracy

Our Process


Listening, Conceptual Design, Pricing, Forecasting, Plan Documentation, Scheduling


Engineering, Purchasing, Fabrication, Assembly, Packaging


Inventory Management, Shipping, Reporting, Continued Product Support


Our craftsmen take great pride in what they build and want to be sure it gets to our customers without damage. That is why our niche is using padded van service to simplify logistics.

We’re Just What You’ve Been Looking for in a Millwork Manufacturer